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7 Tips For Purchasing and Caring For Human Hair Wigs

Presented by Freedom Hair Independent Agents of the US

1. Do your research, especially for a major purchase. Talk to women who wear the wigs you are considering – join forums online or in person. Choose a company you feel comfortable with – shopping for hair should be fun, not stressful.

2. Carefully consider your lifestyle, budget and how you want to live in your hairpiece. Is human hair the right choice for you? Do you want to wear it 24/7, swim, wear ponies or up-do’s? Are you a wash-and-go girl or will you blow it out? Is your scalp sensitive to tape, glue or other holding bonds? Will this be your primary hairpiece for many years? Weigh all the factors before deciding if human hair is for you.

3. Pay close attention to the customizing options. Remember that too much hair spells “W...I...G.” Consider density, color, texture, length and comfort of the wig’s interior surface.

4. If you desire the very best hair available worldwide, consider 100% virgin, European hair. European hair is the strongest and most durable. Be sure to inquire whether it has been processed or not – while processed hair has a place in many wig wardrobes, processed hair and virgin hair do react differently to wear and coloring. The more you learn about wig construction and terminology, the more you will feel in control of the situation.

5. Choosing your stylist is just as important as choosing the right hairpiece. You need someone confident and skilled as well as empathetic. The best stylist for you may be a specialist who does not sell hairpieces.

6. Purchase good hair products. If you have invested in a high quality human hairpiece, you need the products that will take the very best care of it. You will want sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, as well as an oil to protect the hair when styling. A wide-tooth comb and a good wig stand are also musts!

7. Use heated styling tools judiciously. If it’s hot enough to burn your skin, it will also burn your hair!

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