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Meet Our Partners

Recognition as a  sponsor is not intended in any way to be, and shall not be construed as, an endorsement or warranty of the sponsor by Bald Girls Do Lunch or the goods or services it offers. Any link to the sponsor's website provided herein is offered only as a convenience.

Sponsors and Business Friends:

Fuller Hair

East Coast Agent for Freedom Hair of New Zealand 

Fortune Wigs


Use code BGDL for 10% discount

Boca Raton Hair Center

Head Blade or use code BGDL for discount which also generates a donation to our organization.

Club W Women  


Ressler Family Foundation

CKJK Corporation

Medical  & Professional Friends of Bald Girls Do Lunch

Sullivan & Cromwell, LLP

Michael R. Goldberg, Attorney

Marblehead, MA

David Emmel, M.D.

Wethersfield, CT

Timothy Hill, D.D.S.

White Plains, NY

Kenneth Goldman, M.D.

White Plains, NY

Park Avenue Dermatology Associates

Robert Warner, M.D. and Jeffrey Roth, M.D.

New York, NY

Ellen Weinstein, MSW

Sharon, MA

Edward Mayland, D.V.M.

Cross River Animal Hospital

Cross River, NY

Arthur Aufses, M.D.

New York, NY

About Us

Bald Girls Do Lunch is the only nonprofit created specifically to help women with alopecia areata cope, gain confidence and feel a sense of community.

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