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Introducing our New Ambassador, Jenna Baker

Posted by Thea Chassin

September 12, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Did you know that Fall is Alopecia Areata awareness season? Jenna's campaign goes through to November 1st! Every penny of your tax-deductible support goes to BGDL.

We here at Bald Girls Do Lunch wouldjenna like to do our part to spread awareness by sharing with you the story of our newest Ambassador, Jenna Baker.  

Below you will hear Jenna's inspiring story about her experience with Alopecia and how you can help Jenna reach her goal of raising $3,000 to fund Bald Girls Do Lunch.

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Jenna's Story

Jenna Baker has had Alopecia Universalis for over 12 years. Diagnosed at 11 years old, she has been bald ever since sixth grade. Jenna admits that for awhile her experience with Alopecia was a lonely one as she had never met another person with the same condition until only a few years ago. 

"When I finally met someone with Alopecia, it changed my life, literally. I finally met people who knew exactly what I was feeling, the struggles and challenges I face, and just how it feels to be bald and try to live a normal life."

Jenna recognizes that part of her self-treatment for dealing with the challenges of Alopecia include getting together and speaking with other women that can relate to what she is going through.  Not only does she enjoy speaking to those with the same condition but she also tries to educate others that may not know about Alopecia. 

Jenna's Fight to Fund Bald Girls Do Lunch

One of the reasons Jenna is such a great fit for the Alopecia Ambassador role with Bald Girls Do Lunch is that she is passionate about raising awareness and therefore helping all of us with Alopecia Areata. This Alopecia Awareness Month, Jenna has set out on a new campaign to not only spread awareness but to Fight to Fund Bald Girls Do Lunch. 

As a non profit, we use our funds directly every single day to provide the news, information and inspiration, tools for living well with alopecia areata, and to overall provide the best support we can (whether that be in person, via phone, skype, email) to women with Alopecia. 

How You Can Help

Support Jenna's cause for Bald Girls Do Lunch by making a donation or joining her team. If every person reading this post makes a donation, we will bring Jenna's fundraiser over the top! Helping Jenna is helping us here at Bald Girls Do Lunch help women with alopecia areata everywhere, especially the ones that ask for our help everyday. 

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