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Imagining: New Ways to Cope with Alopecia and Personal Space

Posted by Thea Chassin

June 22, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Biometrics, fashion and technology are opening new frontiers. When we read about "smart fashion" we can't help but think about all the times women report that they got head rubs from total strangers.

We wonder how the ways we look and how we feel will change in the future. What's the future for personal space?  Consider that it was not very long ago that we would not have imagined most of us reading email primarily via  mobile devices. How might interactive "smart fashion" be a part of the lives of people with alopecia in the future? We can only wonder!

We're fascinated by the concept of "smart fashion". We'd love to know what you think, too!

The Spider Dress in Action

This year at the Consumer Electronics Show, designer Anouk Wipprecht debuted the Spider Dress.  The spider's "legs" extend out to protect the wearer sensing threats either based off the breathing patterns of the person wearing it or if someone approaches too quickly.



Sometimes as women with alopecia, we are approached by others who feel it is ok to rub our heads or get in our personal space in a way that isn't socially acceptable for people with hair.  In today's world, consider what often happens what strangers feel it's ok to rub a pregnant woman's belly ... catching her off guard and definitely crossing a social boundary.

Wearable "smart fashion" is the wave of the future,with new innovations being generated all the time.  The spider dress is just one example where fashion and technology meet in ways that may enhance lives in different ways. Imagine a world where protective interactive clothing is the norm.

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Tell Us About Your Personal Space

We want to hear from YOU!

  • Is this concept cool/not cool?  
  • Have you ever wished you had a  non-verbal message sender?
  • What messages would you want your "smart fashion" to send?

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