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Get Involved in International Women With Alopecia Month Through BGDL

Posted by Thea Chassin

July 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM

ea7625ef-ee0a-4a15-98ba-7098991684e4As you might already know, July is International Women with Alopecia Month! This was an initiative started by Bald Girls Do Lunch several years ago.

How International Women With Alopecia Month Was Started

At Bald Girls Do Lunch, we knew it was extremely important to have a month where the world has a reason to learn more about the autoimmune disease alopecia areata. But we also recognize the unique ways that women must cope with this disease. That is why several years ago we pushed to officially recognize July as International Women With Alopecia Month.

What's Happening at Bald Girls Do Lunch

An Interesting Discussion on LinkedIn

This year, I jumped into International Women With Alopecia Month by posting an honest question on LinkedIn in the group Connect: Professional Women's Network, Powered by Citi. I asked

If you're the boss, at what point do you want to learn that your new female hire has no hair?

I had no idea what type of response I would get. Within a day the post had 152 thoughtful comments and a week later there are many more. We will be writing a full blog post on some of the more thoughtful responses later this month, but I highly encourage you to read about other women's experiences and thoughts on woman, hair and work. And add your own thoughts!

Jackie-Oh! Hat Project and Words of Encouragement

thea-chassin-jackie-oh-hatLast winter, we asked women in our network to tell us what they would want to say to boost the spirits of a woman with a new alopecia diagnosis. Your responses were overwhelming! Here are just a few.

You are not alone! There are many others that know what you are going through and know how you feel. I know, because I also have Alopecia! Your true beauty is on the inside, and it will shine through from your beautiful smile and your kind, caring, loving and thoughtful words and actions. That is what people will notice and what we all need!

I know that hair loss is a difficult experience to go through. Changes may occur on the outside that force us to adjust and adapt but you are not alone and you can handle this. Be encouraged and always remember that your true beauty can never be compromised. It is the essence of who you are and THAT will never change so always let your light shine inside and out.

Although I do not know you we are kindred spirits. When I was diagnosed with Alopecia there was not the support that there is out there now so it is a great time for you. There are people who feel the same way that you and I do and will support you in your time of need. I just wish that along with this hat that you focus on all the positives of hair loss instead of the negatives .... so just try to look on the bright side. I know it is hard sometimes but I hope you can try!!!

Through the power of your donations, as we had newly diagnosed women referred from her physician, we were able to send them comfy sleep hats (our Jackie-Oh! sleep hat) and in the package, we included one note of encouragment from another woman with alopecia. 

Even in the warmer month of July, we want to celebrate and support women with alopecia! Please join us again in offering your gift of words so that we may continue to send them to those in need! Just leave your words of encouragement in the comments below. And if you are feeling especially generous, please make a donation today. Any amount is appreciated, but donations of $25 will allow us to send a hat to a newly diagnosed woman with alopecia, and gifts of $50 will allow us to send one to you AND a newly diagnosed woman!

(Note: I heard feedback from hat buyers that my photo here makes the hat look tight when in fact they are quite generous in size. Perhaps better hat models can post a photo of their own in the comments?)

Women With Alopecia Story Series

On this blog, we have been featuring stories of wonderful women with alopecia. We will be continuing that series this month highlighting one of our BGDL Alopecia Ambassadors, Patty B from Pennsylvania. I know you will love her story.

Celebrate and recognize Women With Alopecia Month with us! Have some Word of Encouragement for newly diagnosed women? Leave them in the comments and when we meet newly diagnosed women referred to us from her physician, your words might be the first she reads!

Want to give even more encouragement? Make a donation today!

Support Newly Diagnosed Women With Alopecia Gift Them a Jackie-OH Hat!


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