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Hat Tips for Alopecia Style

Posted by Thea Chassin

February 24, 2015 at 12:41 PM

Baby, it's cold outside in much of the USA this month!  Let's talk about Alopecia Style™ with some new twists. Not only are we getting fun and versatile for our friends in the deep freeze, we can adapt these ideas for layering hats and "hair" in all climates. Fuschia_hat_and_scarf1-756828-editedBald Girls Do Lunch and Alopecia Style™ encourage choice in everything you wear and when you choose to wear them. In this frigid February, warmth really matters, but so does feeling cheerful when the skies are gray.

Here's my thinking for perking up a black coat, staying warm, comfy and adding color to combat gray skies.
The steps and parts are deconstructed below.
  • Hats, scarves and fabrics that feel really soft against my neck, face and scalp
  • Hues that flatter my skin 
  • Mixing colors for contrast, texture and a happiness factor
  • Layering a liner for extra warmth and volume
  • Clipping on compact "hair" for greater ease tossing scarves and shoulder straps (a change from my usual long straight locks)
Creative spark: The first wave hit when sorting through a back-of-the-closet bin of accessories. I spied synthetic curls attached to a strong butterfly claw-clip. Curls! That will be a change of pace.

Color: My favorite, fuschia 

Texture: Wavy, feminine and soft scarf to contrast with solid puffer-coats.

Length: Long scarf for an elongating vertical line; hat filler for height

Layers: Under-hat stretch liner + curly hair gripping the liner  + Belgian cashmere hat pulled over all

Note: A straw or braided summer-weight hat would work just as well in warmer weather




claw_with_curls-690208-edited Alopecia_Style_Liner_ Alopecia_Style_Hat_with_Curls-433278-edited
Hair on claw clip Clip attached to liner


Finished look!



 I've never ever worn curly hair, so this was totally fun to have these curls dancing around. Do you have layering ideas and creative combinations? Share with us in the comments below! 





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