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The Importance of Talking About Alopecia Areata

Posted by Thea Chassin

October 21, 2014 at 9:19 AM

Well, what's there to say to friends and family? Plenty!

As we approach the holiday season when folks are gathering 'round, we want to help this be a better year for women who turn down invitations; panic at the thought of showing up in new hair; obsess about the anxiety-provoking yet highly unlikely scenario of everyone talking and thinking about her hair. (HINT: the most beautiful woman in the room is filled with more self-doubts than you can ever imagine.)talking-bubble

There are sure to be questions this season about new drugs for alopecia areata because of the zealous and global media reporting about them. Hair, as we know all too well, is a very topical topic!

Here at Bald Girls Do Lunch, we want to be your teacher and your go-to resource. We are here with our Live Well With Alopecia(tm) format, so you will be your best self. And, maybe for your first time, we will inspire you to mention your condition if that's new for you. Hesitant? We hope that with us as your guide, you will discover that the anxiety of telling someone about alopecia is much worse than actually telling someone. It gets easier with time.

With clinical trials in the news, you have lots of openings to pipe up in the normal flow of conversation to float your opinion. Like we said ...... people talk about hair! We are very in touch with the issues and challenges of women living with alopecia areata and its variants.  We knew first-hand even before new drug studies were blasted across the headlines, that many women would still have a hard time talking casually about having alopecia areata, even given this most current of current events. We get it and we're here to help when you want to start opening up about AA. The media is already talking about clinical trials for alopecia, so let's keep this conversation going!

One of our goals at Bald Girls Do Lunch in being a vocal and vibrant network is to help voice what many cannot yet say themselves. Finding your voice is a process. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes time  to peel away invisible layers of secrecy, but it is so worth it!  We are here to help you get in the driver's seat of your life with alopecia. Not only that, we are your partner to help you get the accurate education you so deserve,  such as when we educated our followers about the true intent of FDA meetings for the PDUFA V (The FDA was not seeking input related in any way to research dollars.)

We are here to put you in charge of your alopecia, your self-talk and your public persona.

Our approach provides news you can use.  We have no position on whether an individual should participate in a clinical trial. It is a personal decision. We do have a mission to provide information that helps patients make the decisions about what's right for them.

Here at Bald Girls Do Lunch, there's no better time than right now when mass media has already started these conversations for our fabulous network to keep them going.

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