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How to Afford the Alopecia Areata Wig - Part 2

Posted by Thea Chassin

November 1, 2015 at 7:00 PM

How to Afford the Wig I Want

How to Buy Your Wig Sooner than You Expected

Our Bald Girls Do Lunch wig finance series continues: That Wig is Closer to Being Yours Than You Ever Thought Possible. In part 1 we took a look at the match up between what we value and what we spend money on. This time we’ll see how to turn small change into big savings toward a high-end hair purchase. 

When you look through wig catalogs and websites, seeing four digit numbers on the price tag can leave you with sticker shock. How will you ever get all the money you need for a wig that looks and feels great and fits your personal style? Before you give up hope, do some time to run some numbers. Even if math was never your favorite subject, you may easily discover that with a little patience and discipline, your ideal wig is within your grasp.

"A $3000 wig can be in your hands in just over a year if you are able to put away just $250 a month."

Scaling the Mountain

The trip up the tallest mountain is made one step at a time. The amount of money you need to save for a truly high-quality wig can seem Insurmountable. But, by cutting up the task of saving into tiny steps, you can make it accessible. Think about the areas in your budget where you found you could cut down. All of that can go into your savings account for buying the wig or prosthesis that’s right for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

A $3000 wig can be in your hands in just over a year if you are able to put away just $250 a month. Can you find that in your budget? If you think of it as $10 a day every weekday, it's a lot more doable. To make sure that money goes faithfully into savings, set up an automatic withdrawal. If your employer offers payroll deductions for savings, even better. This way, you never even see the withdrawal occur.

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Snowflake Your Savings

Don't want to wait a year? You can turbo charge your savings with one simple trick. If you read or listen to Dave Ramsey, you are probably familiar with his "snowball" debt strategy, which involves paying down big debts first, creating a snowball effect. To accelerate your savings, try the "snowflake" strategy popularized by The Simple Dollar. While their strategy is designed to pay down debt, it can be used for savings just as easily.

The way it works is this: every bit of extra cash goes into the account you set up for your wig. Sources can include everything from bonuses at work to rebates to cash found in your pockets. These tiny amounts can add up quickly. And, because it's all found money, it won't feel difficult to tuck it away where you can't spend it. Once you start to look, these opportunities pop up everywhere. By breaking the job up into a lot of smaller, easier tasks, you can make it much easier to grasp. And, over time, this will mean that you are much closer to achieving your goal than you think.

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