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How to Afford the Alopecia Areata Wig - Part 3

Posted by Thea Chassin

November 5, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Affording the Wig with a  Personal Plan of Action - Part 3

Smart Wig Saving with a Personal Plan of Action

In the past two posts we talked about  strategies that you can use to save up enough money to get the wig or cranial prosthesis that you want. But, these notions are only notions if you don't chart out a plan and put it into action. Follow step by step to chart the course between you and the hair that you want without credit card debt.

1. Identify the wig or cranial prosthesis.

This is a major purchase, so do plenty of research. Start by looking at the features you want, then start considering price points. By balancing out the qualities that make the wig a perfect pick for you with the things you don't care as much about, you can make a choice that is both pleasing and prudent. Plus, consider many options such as whether a wig of manmade fibers, or even a collection of them, would fit what you want. There's no rule that says you need to buy the most high-end wig available if you are perfectly comfortable with something else. 

2. Figure out your timeline.

How long do you want to save? Are you comfortable waiting another year, or do you want the wig in a few months? Be sure to set a goal that is easy enough that you can stick with it but that gives you the urgency that allows you to make steady progress.

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3. Figure what you have to save every month.

If you want a $4000 wig in one year, that will mean saving $333 every month. If it's easier to think weekly, the figure is around $77 a week.

"When asked what you really want for your birthday, say you would love a donation to your wig fund."

4. Set up the account.

Make a special savings account just for your wig. As much as possible, have savings transferred directly into it.

5. Look for places you can cut expenses.

Check over your checking and credit card statements for monthly memberships you don't use. Swapping a gym membership for a wig savings account can put you $30 or more toward your goal every month. Think about other sacrifices you can make to reroute that money into the account for your wig.

6. Look for extra income.

You can put even more money toward your wig fund by increasing the income in your pocket. Check your deductions at work. If you normally get a sizable refund, you may be able to safely reduce them to put more money in your paycheck every week. Is a second job feasible? Ten hours a week at $10 an hour is an extra $400 pre-tax that will add up. If you can't do a second job, look for more casual ways to bring in more money. Online surveys, freelancing and short-term gigs like manning a booth at a trade show can all add to your kitty. When asked what you really want for your birthday, don't be shy. Ask for a donation to your fund.

Pulling It All Together

Making a goal, assessing your personal needs and financial situation and working on what you want can be enormously freeing. A high-end wig is a large expenditure, but it's one that is possible for nearly anyone who wants one. It just takes some savvy strategizing and a bit of work. By putting all of these into effect, you will quickly watch your account grow. Track your progress regularly to keep yourself motivated. Before you know it, you will have the pleasure and confidence that comes from accomplishing a major personal goal.

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