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Alopecia Areata Support Network

Women With Alopecia Areata Support Network Blog

10 Tips for a Visit to Your Dermatologist or Other Health Providers

Let's Do Lunch for People with Alopecia Areata in Pennsylvania

Giving Tuesday Match Extended! Donations have 2X impact until December 5!

It’s September! Alopecia Areata Awareness Month

An Alopecia Areata Story: Mother and Daughter Speak Out!

Alopecia Areata Teenager: Hannah’s Story

Meet Alopecia Areata Volunteer, Hannah

URGENT: Global Dermatology Research Survey

New Alopecia Research Opportunity. Thank you, participants! Recruitment is now closed.

“I Take My Lead From Becky”

"I Like That I Stand Out"

Alopecia Areata Patient Voices in Research

Part 2: Christine Takes Charge over her Alopecia Areata

Christine Survives An Alopecia Areata-Driven Loss of Confidence

Alopecia support is here.

Life with Alopecia Areata: Shirley Tells it Like it Is

You are the Bald Girls Difference: Alopecia Areata Support

Bald Girls' Alopecia Areata Voices for the FDA

Joyce's Story: How Alopecia Research News Made the Difference

Express Yourself with Alopecia Eyebrows!

An Alopecia Woman and a Head Shave Denied | Gender Bias is Everywhere

Ann's Story - How I Found the Best Alopecia Support for Me

JAK Inhibitors: THE treatment for alopecia areata?

New York Fundraiser for Alopecia Month, Sept 18th

Alopecia Areata Research Update from Mount Sinai

How to help a friend with alopecia areata find her true beauty

Should I Tell About Alopecia Areata? A Friendship Built on Yes!

Alopecia Areata Research: Dr. Emma Guttman

Alopecia Areata Clinical Trials at Mount Sinai in New York

How to Afford the Alopecia Areata Wig - Part 3

How to Afford the Alopecia Areata Wig - Part 2

How to Afford the Alopecia Areata Wig

When Your Partner Has Alopecia: Bob's Story

A Bodybuilder with Alopecia Redefines Herself

Documentary Pinkham: Finding Lifelong Passion After Alopecia

Managing The First Year With Alopecia Areata - Christine's Story

6 Questions for Xeljanz Trial Participant

FDA Hearings to Include Alopecia Areata

Imagining: New Ways to Cope with Alopecia and Personal Space

A Woman with Alopecia Lives a Beautiful Life: Keren's Story

Keren's Story: Courageously Finding 'Me'

Athletic Woman with Alopecia Areata Restores A Lifestyle: Pat's Story

Approaching Alopecia Areata as a Human

Hair Loss in Women Means Getting Through Grief

Grief and Loss Along the Alopecia Areata Journey

Life with Alopecia Areata: Tips from a Third Generation

Hat Tips for Alopecia Style

Experimenting with Xeljanz: Is it for me?

Voices of the Alopecia Areata Patient for the FDA

Alopecia Clinical Trials: More about Tofacitinib

Alopecia Makeup Tips: How Do I Choose an Artist?

Alopecia Areata Style: Tips for Women and Girls

Gina's Story: A Career As a Genetic Researcher

Genetic Researcher in Christiano Lab Shares Her Passion

A Woman with Alopecia Finds Words that Work: Mavis' Story

Different Perspectives: Sharing your Alopecia Story with Friends

Author Interview: Breaking the Silence on Women's Hair Loss

The Importance of Talking About Alopecia Areata

Physician Takeaways from Alopecia Drug Treatment Case Study

Physicians Note That Alopecia Drug Treatments Require Further Testing

How to Effectively Cope with your Child's Alopecia: Candace's Story

What to Know About Clinical Trials and Alopecia

Self-Confidence Restored after Alopecia: Sydney's Story

Introducing our New Ambassador, Jenna Baker

Rebekah's Story: A Young Girl's Self Portrait of Alopecia

How a Mom Deals With Her Daughter's Alopecia

Real Talk for Women With Alopecia: Tips for Shaving Your Head

Should I Shave My Head? Shaving and hair cut info for women with alopecia.

Tips for Talking About Alopecia Simply and Accurately

Following Up: A Custom Wig Arrives for Adrienne

A Woman With Alopecia Finds Her Own Style: Carly's Story

Patti's Story: Finding Support as a Woman With Alopecia

Get Involved in International Women With Alopecia Month Through BGDL

Sun Safety Tips for Women With Alopecia

Coping with Alopecia Areata: Thea's Story

Alopecia in Her Words: Shannon Says "Here I Am!"

FDA and Alopecia Areata: What’s Up?

Sisters Go Above and Beyond for a Woman with Alopecia

Tips for Women With Alopecia: Talking to Your Coworkers About Your Baldness

Hair Reveal: Myths and Facts About Human Hair Wigs for Women

Tips From the Other Side: When Your Love Has Alopecia

Stories of Women After Treatment: Adrienne Grows Up with Alopecia

Dating Advice for Women With Alopecia: When Do You Tell Your Partner?

Gaining Comfort with Your Alopecia Means Talking About It

In Your Words: The Biggest Challenges Facing Women With Alopecia

10 Appearance Tips for Women With Alopecia Areata (Hint: it's about attitude)

Understanding Autoimmune Diseases: Is Alopecia Areata Hereditary?

Talking to Bald Women with Alopecia Areata: Carol's Story

Understanding the Vacuum Wig: Q & A With a Hair Prosthesis Expert

Talking to Women With Alopecia: Shala's Story

How Human Hair Wigs Are Made: Q & A With a Human Hair Wig Manufacturer

Help Us Further Understand the Lives of Women With Alopecia Areata

A Few Makeup Tips for Women With Alopecia

What's Happening in the Lives of Women With Alopecia Areata

Simple Alopecia Beauty Tips to Help Women Feel More Confident